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Executive Program Consultant: Frieda Hopkins Outlaw, PhD, RN, FAAN, was appointed September 1, 2015 to provide academic and scientific oversight to the MFP. Dr. Outlaw has had a long-standing relationship with the program including participation as a Fellow from 1981 – 1983 and subsequently serving on the MFP National Advisory Committee. She brings to the program significant expertise in the area of mental health and substance use and experience in providing services across the patient spectrum in a variety of settings, with specific expertise in pediatrics.

Project Director: Janet Jackson has been with the MFP since September 2002 and heads the daily operations and implementation of the policies and procedures; serves as the first point of professional contact for Fellows, university officials, and SAMHSA officials; acts as a liaison for MFP relationships with other organizations, assists with strategic planning, evaluation, and other essential programmatic functions necessary to provide quality programming.

Program Manager – Youth: Samuel Suraphel joined the MFP Team in February 2015. With more than a decade of experience in program management and technology services, he manages all programmatic activities necessary to meet the program goals and objectives.

IT/Data Manager:  Aaron Tucker joined the MFP in February 2010 and provides part-time technical,  data management, and administrative support to the MFP.

Role of MFP National Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee are volunteers who are experts in psychiatric and mental health care. They provide insights and recommendations to the staff and to SAMHSA regarding all components of the program. Among there myriad of activities are reviewing existing program policies and procedures and making recommendations; implementing and monitoring the appointment and reappointment process; serving as ambassadors for the program, mentoring the Fellows, and assisting with assuring that the program guidelines and mission are addressed. They also support the Fellows in the shaping and refinement of their career goals.