Sheila Harvin

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Shiela Harvin
Sheila Harvin,PhD, RN, MSN, CNS-P/MH, is a graduate of Prairie View A & M University (BSN) and the University of Texas – Houston School of Nursing (MSN). She is Past-President of the Houston-Galveston chapter of the American Psychiatric Nursing Association and is currently president of the Eta Delta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. Ms. Harvin’s primary area of focus throughout her professional career has been on psychiatric/mental health issues – a topic upon which she has published numerous articles in multiple refereed journals. As a professor at Prairie View A & M University, Ms. Harvin serves as the lead faculty for mental health nursing courses during the fourth semester of the academic year. The focus of Ms. Harvin’s doctoral research will be on nursing assessments and interventions for ethnic/racial minority women and children who are substance users and live in domestic violence environments. 

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