Giovanna Cecilia De Oliveira, PhD, NP-C, RN (Post-Doc)

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Mrs. De Oliveira, PhD (c), NP-C, RN, earned both her BSN and MSN at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Currently she is a PhD in nursing candidate at the University of Miami, Florida.

Her dissertation is focused on analyzing the social determinants of major depressive disorder among Hispanic women, as well as investigating the possible mediating effects that depression may have in the relationship between social determinants of health and engagement in health promotion behaviors.

Mrs. De Oliveira has several years of clinical work experience in psychiatric nursing. She worked as a charge nurse on a gerontological-psychiatric floor at long-term care facilities in Detroit for three years. Once she became a nurse practitioner, she worked with a psychiatrist mentor, with whom she trained in Houston, Texas. She assisted with psychiatric in-patient consultations at several Houston hospitals, where she held privileges.

Most recently, she taught nursing clinical rotations in mental health for the University of Miami. She is a member of the American Nurses Association, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Sigma Theta Tau, among other nursing organizations.